How to get a Hamad Health Card in Qatar

How to get a Hamad Health Card in Qatar

Qatar has an incredibly well-developed medical infrastructure and the standards of healthcare in the country are very high. The country’s medical facilities – public and private clinics and hospitals – are all modern, hi-tech and easily accessible for residents and expatriates alike. Everyone is able to avail themselves of the health services that are financed by public money, and access is open to all, for people of all nationalities. The system comprises state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professional staff, who operate within a nationwide system of hospitals and healthcare clinics.

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the name of Qatar’s not-for-profit healthcare provider. In order to receive treatment from Hamad Hospital, you must first apply for and acquire a Hamad Health Card.

To get a health card, you must visit the Primary Health Center nearest to where you live – call 107 if you are unsure where your local center is – and bring with you the below documents:

  1. Valid QID or passport with valid residence permit
  2. A Passport-size photograph
  3. A copy of a utility bill (phone, water/electricity), a housing contract that confirms your address. 

Note : If the Electricity not under tenant name,Ministry of Municipality should stamp the housing contract to be accepted.

At the health center you need to fill out the appropriate forms. You will be issued a PHCC health file number. The health center will either issue you with your card immediately or ask you to return to collect it. And note that health cards are issued during morning working hours only.


You must pay by credit card. No cash is accepted. The health center will either issue your card immediately or ask you to come back within a few days to collect it.

  • Adult residents and their children – QR 100

What if my health card is lost!

In the unfortunate event that you have lost your health card, remember that it may still be valid.

You need to pay QR 100.

If you lose your health card and it has expired, You have to pay QR 200 for a replacement.


Hamad Medical Corporation
Nesmaa’k Customer Service: 16060 or 4439 5777 from outside Qatar


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