How to register National Address using Metrash2 App

Have you registered your National Address? You are required to register the national addresses within a period of six months as starting from January 27, 2020. The registration will end on July 26, 2020.

How to register National Address using Metrash2 App

What is the National Address?

It is a set of data specified by every natural or legal person, whether a citizen or expatriate and all his transactions with governmental and non-governmental bodies are completed based on those data.

Benefits of National Address

  • Helps identify the addresses of individuals and organizations to access services
  • Assists in the completion of personal transactions with ease
  • Delivery of judicial declaration and government notifications
  • Quick completion of transactions in a precise manner
  • Delivery of postal materials and government or commercial correspondence to any address within the state of Qatar

Importance of National Address

  • It is a paradigm shift in the conduct of judicial proceedings
  • Reaching the concerned people in issues of personal and public interest
  • Facilitate the delivery of various services from different service providers

Where to register the National Address?

The registration can be done electronically through the following:

  • Metrash2 mobile app
  • MOI e-services portal using a smart ID card
  • Unified Services Centres of the Ministry of Interior. You can find the National Address Registration Form here. Print, fill-up and visit any MOI Services Centre.

For more details, please contact 2350422 during the working hours from 6 am to 1 pm.

Ministry of Interior Service Centres

According to the list on Metrash2, here are locations where you can find the MOI Service Centres:

  • Qatar Financial Centre
  • General Directorate of Nationality and ports
  • Annex Administrative Complex
  • Post Office
  • Hamad Hospital Service Centre
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Souq Waqif
  • Rayyan Service Centre
  • Qatar Airways
  • Umm Slal
  • Mesaimeer
  • Airport Immigration Office
  • Industrial Area
  • Al Daayen
  • Al Wakra
  • Shahania
  • Al Khore Service Centre
  • Mesaieed
  • Al Zubara
  • Dukhan
  • Shamal

Metrash2 (mobile application)

Metrash2 login

`Metrash2’ is a handy app that allows Qatari nationals and residents to apply for and obtain over 100 government E-services.

You can download it on your smartphone via these links: Google Play | Apple Store

Once downloaded, you just log in with your QID and Pin Code. To change the language, just click on the bottom right icon and select your preferred language. Metrash2 can be activated on two devices.

If you forgot your password, just click the 'Forgot Password' and follow the steps to reactivate the service.

If you are a first-time user, just follow the registration steps you can find here: How to use MOI Qatar's Metrash2 app

How to register your National Address in Qatar using Metrash2 app

1. Log in to the Metrash2 app. Once logged in, there will be a pop-up notification that shows the following text: "Your National Address is not yet defined. Kindly define your National Address by using Metrash2 services. Click OK.

Metrash2 screengrab: click on the National Address to proceed registration

2. Click the National Address icon on the home page of the app.

3. Click Add National Address.

4. Click Register/Inquire National Address.

5. Fill up the form. Make sure to not leave blank the fields with an asterisk which are the following:

  • Zone
  • Building
  • Street
  • Kahramaa
  • Mobile
  • Email address

6. Click NEXT.

7. National Address Pledge will pop up. Click CONTINUE.

Metrash2 screengrab: Fill-up form on the left; Pledge on the right

8. Your National Address will be shown after you clicked Continue. Click DONE to finish.

9. Should you wish to update your National Address, just go back to the National Address icon and select Update National Address.

How to register for families?

According to MOI's introductory seminar on National Address, the law allows the father to register himself and his children under 18 years of age, but children over the legal age and the wife they must register themselves.

The guardian of minor children has to register their data and bears the legal responsibility for the validity of these data.

What happens if I fail to register within six months?

If any person fails to register the data within six months from the date of the commencement of the official registration process, he will be punishable under Article 6 of the National Address Act. Anyone who violates any of the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 will be fined an amount not exceeding QR10,000. Providing incorrect data knowingly will also draw a fine.

MOI Qatar National Address registration hotline: Call 234200

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